Welcome to Suzette Stained Glass Studio located at 180 Main St Butler, NJ

At this time reopening the shop after Coronavirus shut down has forced me to implement certain requirements in order to run business. 


1.  I am open  "by appointment only" for glass and supply purchase, and stained glass items available for sale.  You must call or text me in order to come in.



2.  Until further notice I am not teaching any new classes.


3.  Until further notice I will not be taking on any repairs, or special     stained glass projects.  I am doing special glass cutting projects.


4.  I am doing mail ordering of glass.  Please call or text me at

201-452-3070 we can discuss colors, exchange pictures, etc, and work out a price for cuts of glass and ship items.  Or you can come it with appointment.


5.  Masks must be worn in the shop.


6.  Please note, I am not doing this because I fear getting sick, or getting anyone else sick.  I am doing this by some Executive Order by the Governor of NJ and I am not pleased with how my business has turned.  Lets hope the business survives.