I  am offering personalized stained glass classes. We live in a time where our schedules change rapidly, sometimes from day to day. Realizing how difficult it is to adhere to a regimine of classes, I decieded to offer a much more flexibile alternative. I want you to try your hand at stained glass. I love it and believe you may too. So I will customize a stained glass class to your schedule.

    I am offering classes based on your knowledge. I have beginner classes where you will receive the tools and know how to create beautiful works of hand crafted art. For the more experienced I am offering use of my facility and the abilty to order your supplies and have them shipped and/or stored here.

    I will always be on hand to guide or assist you. I hope you take this oppurtunity to make stained glass and look forward to hearing from you.


Classes are $175 for a 12 hour course of flexible schedule, or a weekly time slot if you so choose.  Price includes most supplies ... depending on your glass choice and project size you may have to purchase a sheet or two of glass.  Following the course I offer you to continue coming in.  Being that you may be more or less independent you will work on a hourly rate of $9.00 per hour plus the cost of glass, solder, foil, and By this time you will want to begin purchasing your tools anyway but can do so in a managed manner.